Our Services

Our Services

The purpose of legal services is to expedite account collections and to maximize recoveries. eDebtNetwork provides the legal management of debt collections throughout the world via our network. All of the attorneys and collection agencies are compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, with Bonding provided.

The eDebtNetwork management team will handle the slow “wheels of justice” with each case and provide the expertise. Thus, this will allow you to focus on your core business and achieve optimal recovery rates through higher attorney productivity. *eDebtNetwork is not a law firm

Using private investigative skip tracing and profiling to determine the best options you should consider is very important. Each case forwarded to legal will have a profile and assessment from our private investigator team. We can find and seize assets quicker than anyone in the marketplace with more than 20 years of service.

Furthermore, our network of attorneys has been tried and tested for decades and decades. Anyone can forward a file, but we have the experience to manage it properly. Furthermore, our attorneys work on a contingency basis. You pay nothing unless a collection is settled. The rates vary from 10 to 35 percent depending upon the circumstances. The filing fees vary from state to state, but on average is 4 to 5 hundred dollars.

Avoid huge IT costs and headaches with our web-based cloud software. Our system uses top of the line hardware and security policies. We're PCI and HIPAA compliant, we have advanced firewalls, and we've gone through rigorous 3rd-party inteneral and external penetration and application testing. Your data's security is a top priority.

You will have the ability to manage and see the progress your claim via your private portal and login credentials. Our system CasetrackerLaw provides you with all the transparency to manage like never before. You will receive daily or weekly emails via our system and can log in to view everything down to the payments and remit dates and much more.

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We at eDebtNetwork have been the pioneers in web-based debt management technology. We've been developing since 1996 and represent some of the largest corporations in the country. We provide the best support in the marketplace.