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Do we have the tool to work with?

First: we have the finest technology on the planet to manage with CaseTrackerLaw. You, as the client or creditor can submit and monitor and total transparency with your case.

Second: We have a private investigator on staff and work with other agencies such as ex FBI agents, CIA agents, special forces, and body guards.

Third: We have sources that can find a locate bank accounts as well as securities within an hour for speedy action to lock these accounts down.

Fourth: We have thousands of attorneys all around this planet to help you with a collection, to file a suit, get an option letter, and to advise. Most of our attorneys work on a contingency basis, although some are on a fee basis.

Fifth: We have some of the best consumer and commercial agencies in the United States that we work very closely with.

We can get your collection rates as low as 5% with many options you can choose from when recovering your debt.

Lastly, we profile all cases prior to sending to collections or litigation.


Why Settle for Less?

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