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We are experts at retrieving debt. We will get you your money back at rates as low as 10%.

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We’re Connected

Our system connects you with the best collection agencies and debt attorneys for your case.

Fast and Easy

Get your money ASAP while you monitor your claims from any device anywhere 24/7.

What we Do

Individual & Corporates Accounting Services


We will profile your case and run background checks free of charge using our in-house private investigation firm.

Connecting You

We have a network of thousands of debt attorneys and agencies ready to collect or take your claims to court.

The Best Tools

Our secure, state of the art software lets you submit and monitor claims 24/7 from any device.

Super Support

We’re honest, experienced, certified, and offer outstanding customer support. We’re here to make your life simpler.

Resources & Calculators

Useful Resources for Financial Management & Forecasting

The most flexible accounts receivable and
debt collection software you’ll ever use!

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Private Investigation

We have private investigators on staff with over 20 years of experience ready to work for you.

Collection Industry News

Stay up to date with the latest in Debt Collection! Are you familiar with Regulation F from the CFPB?

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Email us below to request your free, full access creditor account where you will manage your claims. No credit card required!

2. Submit

Enter or upload as many debt claims as you have, anytime and from anywhere. Enter them one at a time or bulk import claims from a file.

3. Connect

We will review your claims and pair them to one of over 2,500 debt attorneys or credit agencies in our system. We also have an in-house private investigation department if needed.

4. Monitor Progress

You can manage and monitor your claims from the time you upload until when YOU GET PAID.

What our clients say

“Having the ability to submit my claims via my portal and have a professional choose and manage my account has been amazing. Plus all of the work is done on a contingency basis with a licenced and bonded attorney in the debtors venue. I can rest assured I am getting the best rate.”

Annette B.

Major Printing Manufacturing Company

“The software portal is in real time and provides me with instant updates. I can log in and see the payments history plus hundreds of reports with total transparency. Really simple and I like the fact the company has been around since 1995. The best software I have ever used.”

Walter P.

Food Distribution Company

“I like the fact the company has been around for a long time and know the best agencies and attorneys to place my claim with. The fact that the debtor has been profiled by a private investigator makes a world of difference. The more we know about the debtor, the better advantage we have to litigate a claim.”

Donna Z.

Software Consulting Firm


Email us below to recieve access to for your free creditor account. You can then add your claims and start forwarding them to collection agencies and attorneys.

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